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Standlight Spotlight

Rebecca Gordon, Visual Artist

About Rebecca

Rebecca is TXCMP's graphic designer extraordinaire who lives in Austin, Texas. She is a graduate of Southwestern University, where she was active as an artist, a volunteer and a resident adviser. In addition to being an active painter who shows her work regularly, she is a freelance designer and marketer,  she is available to create your website or company's logo and graphics.

Artist Statement

In my abstract paintings I express visually the construction of thought in a way that language cannot through an inventive and improvisational process of changing the painting over time while merging influences from mid-20th century art movements, especially Abstract Expressionism and the Pattern and Decoration movement, with the modern day commercial art forms of advertising and design graphics. This intuitive and reactionary painting process results in a visual dialogue on the canvas between expression and precision; the spaces I develop allow expressive action which cannot be anticipated in advance to share a surface with premeditated qualities seen in careful and clean, decorative lines. These two aspects are developed through the interactions of bold colors, varied brushstrokes, and a mix of geometric and organic lines.  ​ 




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