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Rebecca Gordon, Visual Artist


About Rebecca

Rebecca is TXCMP's graphic designer extraordinaire who lives in Austin, Texas. She is a graduate of Southwestern University, where she was active as an artist, a volunteer and a resident adviser. In addition to being an active painter who shows her work regularly, she is a freelance designer and marketer,  she is available to create your website or company's logo and graphics.

Artist Statement

 My work is inspired by the desire to share thoughts, feelings and emotions. I communicate my personal interpretations through a frenzy of thick and thin layers of paint to create stories of movement and ideas. Each painting is affected by the previous one, or pieces that are being worked on in tandem, and they interact with one another in that way. Similarly, while I am painting, each brush stroke and line affects the next in what I think of as a cause-and-effect mind puzzle. I am fascinated by the challenges and the problem-solving aspects of painting, as both a medium and an action. I strive to create a picture plane where dichotomous elements commingle and I thrive on figuring out how to solve the puzzle that I make through color, line and space. I never know how long a painting will take to resolve -- each piece goes through a journey, giving it a specialized story.